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Expat Tax

Edward J. Senesac, Principal
IRS Certified Acceptance Agent · IRS Enrolled Agent · MBA

Wilhelmstraße 36 · 65183 Wiesbaden · 0176-7753-7464
E-mail: | Internet:

We are a tax service with locations in Wiesbaden & Frankfurt providing tax preparation and advising services to a wide range of clients for both businesses and individuals. We are able to assist clients with most international issues that confront them.

We are authorized to represent clients in all tax matters before the Internal Revenue Service. (IRS) This service can only be performed by EA’s, CPA’s and attorneys. We are also an IRS Certified Acceptance Agent.

Our client base reflects the range of our expertise, including:

  • Individuals
  • Businesses
  • Diplomats
  • Expatriates
  • Local Nationals
  • Military Retirees
  • Airline Personnel

We assist with every aspect of tax preparation and planning, including both U.S. and European tax filings*. In the event of a tax audit, we have tax accountants authorized to appear on your behalf before tax authorities.

We also offer a complete range of U.S. annual packages to cover all of your tax needs throughout the year. Please ask for details on this cost-effective, long-range strategy.

Client services include:

  • US & European* Tax Preparation
  • Representation before the IRS
  • Tax notice responses
  • Tax research
  • Tax planning

Clients are served completely through electronic means or by personal appointment. Contact us for options tailored to your personal situation.

* European country taxes performed by licensed national affiliates. In Germany, ExpatTax is not permitted to render German tax services. All services are provided by an independent German Steuerberater. All billing is through this separate entity.

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