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Luisenpark Mannheim

Lake stage rocks!

Susan Horn / The Englishmen
Wed., 24.08.2022, 3.30 – 5.30 p.m.

The event takes place only in good weather.
Free admission!

Seebühne rocks!

Andreas Kümmert!!!
Sun., 28.08.2022, 3 – 5 p.m.

Almost 10 years after a so far incomparable victory at “The Voice of Germany” Andreas Kümmert is still one of the most demanded artists in Soul/Rock/Blues. With his two comrades-in-arms Stefan Kahne & Michael Germer, Andreas Kümmert has used the time to work on the new album in the Kahnelab studio. From brilliant rock and roll numbers to soulful ballads – where Kümmert is on it, Kümmert is in it!
All under the guise of Soul & Rock and Roll as you are used to from him. The new album includes all facets of the exceptional artist – without any gimmicks. Because Andreas Kümmert stands for authentic, handmade music. Anyone who has seen Kümmert on stage once will never forget it: Live, the fan can expect an energetic show with a cross-section of Kümmert’s complete song repertoire, peppered with one or two interpretations of well-known hits. From “Simple Man” to new rock & roll numbers such as “Hard Times” or “Sweet Oblivion” – here the inclined “Audience” experiences a true fireworks of joy of playing and musical ability.

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The event will only take place in good weather.
Admission free!

Black & Wine

A classic: request concert with Harald Wein
Wed., 31.08.2022, 15.30 – 17 h, lake stage

The acoustic guitar duo “Black & Wine” will present songs from eight decades under the motto “You wish, we play”, i.e. guests have the opportunity to choose a song from a repertoire list, which will then be presented.
The event will take place only in good weather.
Admission free!

and Herzogenriedpark

Magic theater for kids

Indian secrets

Who stole the book of the medicine woman “Good Sun”? Chief “Wild Buffalo” is beside himself, because in this book are important tribal secrets. Many brave Indian children want to help in the search. Together they ride through the prairie and find the book under a withered bush. But this is where the adventure really begins: The Indian children are being chased, food and drink are running low, and the only thing left to do is the dangerous ride through the Valley of the Snakes. Can the secrets of the medicine book help?

Suitable for kindergarten and primary school children
Duration : approx. 50 min
Sun., 14.08.2022, 3 p.m. – Wed., 10.08.2022, 3 p.m., concert shell

brandherd goes mussel

Rufus Coates & Jess Smith // Ireland // Dark Folk and Blues

Rufus Coates & Jess Smith are a unique dark folk and blues duo from Ireland, who may already be familiar to some concertgoers from their performances at Geschichtswerkstatt Altes Volksbad.
 The deep voice of Rufus Coates creates a beautiful contrast to the friendly voice of his band mate Jess Smith. The dense atmosphere of the music draws the listener into another world and their live gigs are a very heartfelt affair!
Sun., Aug. 21, 2022, 3 p.m., Concert Shell

Sunday Beats

Ultramaryn – in cooperation with the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, Mannheim

Amidst gaudy big city supermarkets and with an inner tendency towards melancholy, Mannheim-based artist “Ultramaryn” finds her sound between German-language synth-pop and alternative. Her debut EP, released in 2019, is a darkly colorful concoction that rides the new German wave and happily draws on electro, soul and rock elements from the musical supermarket shelves. Ultramaryn’s preference for crisp grooves, unconventional harmonies, sawing synthesizers and catchy melodies, she combines with concise and sometimes deliberately striking poetry that lets you drive against the wall with hard-hitting honesty and likes to give you navy blue eyes. Live, she now plays in a compact duo formation with Karlsruhe-based drummer Dave Büchner.

Sun., 28.08.2022, 3 p.m., Concert Shell


Luisenpark Mannheim

The Luisenpark is one of Germany’s most beautiful parks – and it was the first thing that came to mind in a recent survey when 5,000 Mannheim citizens were asked what was the first thing that came to mind when they thought of Mannheim – before the castle, the university, the SAP Arena, or the National Theater.

The Luisenpark extends over an area of 42 hectares – more than 100 acres – and is open daily all year round from 9 a.m. until dusk.

A short history of the Luisenpark
The Luisenpark Mannheim was first planned and laid out from 1892 – 1903. It is named after the Grand Duchess Luise von Baden, daughter of Kaiser Wilhelm I.

A new greenhouse – the Pflanzenschauhaus – was built in 1958 to replace the original Palmenhalle plant building which was destroyed during WWII.

1975 – Germany’s annual National Garden Show (Bundesgartenschau or BUGA in German) took place in the Luisenpark – the perfect opportunity for a complete renewal of the park. The new park was planned by the renowned landscape architect firm of Wagenfeld, Leipacher und Boyer.

1996 – The tropical Butterfly Paradise building – the first in southwestern Germany – was opened, the Pflanzenschauhaus building was extended in order to house a central American cactus collection and a second exhibition hall was added.

2001 – The Chinese garden with its Chinese Teahouse was opened.

2004 – An artificial rock wall was built in the foyer of the Pflanzenschauhaus, providing a natural background for the neighboring cayman and dwarf otter compounds.

From 2007 – 2009 the Pflanzenschauhaus was again extended: a new cold house for tree ferns was built next to the large tropical greenhouse. And a garden for medical plants was opened.

2008 – Building work began on a new main entrance with a souvenir shop.

Today, approximately 270 people work at the Luisenpark and its “little brother,” the Herzogenriedpark in Mannheim-Neckarstadt.

The Pflanzenschauhaus – Mannheim’s Jungle
Tropical and subtropical plants and animals, the magic of the jungle, rare animals from Africa, Asia and South America all make the Pflanzenschauhaus one of the Luisenpark’s biggest attractions.

2,700 square meters – more than 3,200 square yards of exotic worlds: more than 350 kinds of plant, 50 kinds of reptile, 350 different kinds of fish live here. The cactus house is an additional 400 square meters, the tropical butterfly house another 250 square meters.

Among the many animals in the park are more than 100 storks, flamingos, Humboldt penguins, zebra mongooses and cotton top tamarins.

Visitors can watch the penguins being fed every day at 1 p.m. except Wednesdays when feeding is at 2 p.m.

New Animals born on the Luisenpark Farm in spring 2011 include twin Coburg Fox Sheep (the name comes from the unusal red color of the wool); twin Thuringian Goats; and 21 baby Swabian-Hall Swine.

The Chinese Garden –  a little piece of China in the center of Mannheim

The Chinese garden is laid out according to traditional Chinese Feng Shui methods, paying particular attention to the harmony of the seven major things: earth, heaven, stones, water, buildings, paths and plants should all interact harmoniously and naturally. The paeonies which bloom in the Chinese garden in May, a traditional Chinese plant, cultivated in China for over 2,000 years, should not be missed.

Drink tea and forget the noise of the madding crowd – The traditional tea ceremony, which takes about an hour, is performed by Mrs Shuli Meng and costs €12 per person – booking required, telephone 0621 – 4107235.

The Seebuhne is a stage that floats above the water with space for 1,000 guests.

Events at the Luisenpark

Hand and Barefoot Adventure Path

Storks nest

Anton the stork is the park mascot. He can be bought at the souvenir shop.

Luisenpark Mannheim
Gartenschauweg 12 · 68165 Mannheim

Visitors’ address:
Theodor-Heuss-Anlage 2 · 68165 Mannheim · Tel.: 0621 – 41005-0

Email: {mailto address=”” encode=”hex” text=”Luisenpark Mannheim”}

Internet: {cms_selflink ext=”” title=”” text=”” target=”_blank”}

Ticket Prices

Day ticket March – October
Adults: €6,00
Concessionary tickets: €4,00
Children 6-15 years: €3,00

Family tickets
For instance 1 adult, 2 children: €10,50 2 adults, 2 children: €16,00

Set of 10 entry tickets that can be used by different people throughout the year
Adults: €54,00
Concessionary tickets: €36,00

Annual season ticket
(includes entry to the Herzogenriedpark)
Adults: €35
Concessionary tickets: €27
Children 6-15 years : €14

Herzogenriedpark Ticket Prices

Day ticket March – October
Adults: €2,50
Concessionary tickets: €1,80
Children 6-15 years: €1,20

Max-Josef-Strasse 64
68169 Mannheim

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