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Things to do in the Pirmasens area

Dynamikum Science Center – Pirmasens

Tinkering, experimenting and lots of fun

Don’t touch? Not in Dynamikum!
Who hasn’t been to museums where you’re requested to walk through quietly and are only allowed to observe the exhibits from a distance?

In the Dynamikum Science Center in Pirmasens, it’s very different! Here you are encouraged to explore the 160 exhibits hands on to your hearts content and experience the fascinating phenomena of science and technology.

The overriding theme is “movement” – whether it be in the sense of to set something in motion or simply to move. Consequently there’s a lot of great things to discover in the 4,000 square meters of exhibition area: Who wants to run a race with an elephant? Ever tried to roll a ball uphill? How would it be, to find yourself in place of the sun at the center of our solar system?

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The Hitscherhof – Landhaus

Family, Tradition, Restful, Feels like coming home

The HITSCHERHOF is located between Thaleischweiler Froeschen and Rieschweiler Muehlbach (in the Massweiler municipality close to Pirmasens, Germany).

The first house in our settlement was built 700 years ago on a hill in the Schwarzbachtal. An 18 hole GOLF COURSE is harmoniously located on the Hitscherhof farmland and a caddy storage room is available for our golfing guests.

Bed and Breakfast in our Farmhouse

We invite you to stay in our family-owned Bed & Breakfast located in a quiet rural area.

Get Fischer TURF for your NEW LAWN

Get your new lawn fast and professional!

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US camp on Husterhöhe in Pirmasens to secure NATO supplies

According to the US Air Force, the former US military site on the Husterhöhe will be converted into a strategic military camp at the end of 2023. NATO and the local communities would benefit from this.

Vehicles, medical equipment, communication systems, aircraft and more – all of this is to be housed at the future military camp on the Husterhöhe in Pirmasens. According to the US Air Force, this will enable them to “quickly and effectively set up field airfields in remote areas”. The planned camp will also make it easier and quicker to support NATO troops and supply them with supplies in the event of a crisis.

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