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Enjoy a day out at Taunus Wunderland

Please note our information on coronavirus via our social media channels and our website.

Wonderful Taunus Wunderland – Action, Fun & Thrills for the whole family.

Taunus Wunderland amusement park is located in the Taunus hills, in the pretty spa town of Schlangenbad, close to Wiesbaden and about a half an hour’s drive from Frankfurt.

Visiting the leisure park Taunus Wunderland means “Visit nature – experience adventure”. Here is where the young ones mount a ride for their first time together with their families to experience a breathtaking roller-coaster trip, dynamically turning round in circles or riding the water channel. All there is to experience together with Mum or Dad or maybe Grandma and Grandpa will be the highlights of the family album!

Enjoy the rides Taunus Wunderland

Finally here we go again. The Taunus Wunderland may once again open up and invites everybody looking for fun, adventure and recreation to the family park at the heart of nature. Thanks to our sophisticated hygienic concept agreed upon in detail with the authorities, all visitors young or grown-up can enjoy our attractions again from June 2021 onwards. Starting with the beginning of the summer holidays, visitors will be able to try the new family attraction in Dinosaur Valley – adrenaline rush guaranteed. The new flight simulator “Wonderglider” will also start operating and promises a thrilling flight as test-pilot.

Tickets will have to be booked in advance on our website for a specific date. You will be able to do this on

Owners of season tickets please use the following link for registering a visit:

The duty to wear a mask (medicinal of FFP2) applies to all cash areas (entrance or snack stations) as well as the queuing areas of the individual attractions in the park. Naturally the rules to keep distance to others also apply on the grounds of the Taunus Wunderland.

The barbecue stations at the barbecue hut are open and may be used free of charge. We suggest booking one prior to your visit on

As a new service we offer our visitors a “barbecue package” consisting of one bucketful of charcoal and soft-drinks (12 bottles at 0,5 litres) for 20 Euros. This may be purchased at the park entrance.

Due to public restrictions, the restaurant “Uncle Benno’s Fodder Barn” will have to remain closed and certain rides will operate under special measurements. (Changes subject to incidence rates.)

But nobody will have to starve – there are many more alternatives providing food within the park.

Not giving away too much yet, we can still tell you that more changes and expansion are to come over the next years so that the family park at the heart of nature will continue growing. Also growing in the hearts of its young and grown-up visitors.

Fun for the whole Family at Taunus Wunderland

A host of rides for all ages

There’s a whole variety of rides, to suit different ages and temperaments: from fast, adventurous, scary to more gentle, magical, mysterious. Even the smallest child will enjoy a carousel ride, being a pirate, playing on a climbing frame, or challenging dad to a water fight. American Indians paddle their kayaks, dragons hide behind giant boulders, ghosts are lurking in the haunted house!

Wild Water Slide

For the most adventurous, those who dare can plunge more than 22 meters down a giant water slide, the “Wildwasserbahn”. Who’s brave enough to ride the pirate ship, too scary for me? Listen to the screams! Or the Silberpfeil, the highest slide in the whole of Hessen. Or the Big Scooter, only for those who love the thrill of speed.

The Taunusblitz roller coaster

is situated in the middle of a wood and the curves are gentle enough for the whole family but high and and steep enough to feel in your stomach and knees.

Knall+Fall (Rock and Drop Free Fall Tower)

The 17 meter high multi-motion tower went into operation in summer 2010. The first ride of its kind in Europe, passengers are transported up the tower while at the same time rocking from side to side; on reaching the top the tower leans forwards and after a sllght pause the gondola drops in free fall at a speed of 3 meters per second. The most modern security systems ensure absolute safety and fun and thrills for the whole family.

Millions of years ago mighty dinosaurs ruled the primeval forests and jungles. Welcome to Dinoland.

Young children will enjoy petting the tame animals in the petting zoo.

Wunderland Snackbar & the Crèperie

Enjoy a snack such as delicious Chicken Nuggets, juicy Hamburgers or Corn-on the-cob from the Snackbar or try the pancakes or waffles from the Crèperie. Choose from a range of 18 different fillings.

Opening hours & admission prices

Children can really have a lot of fun at Taunus Wunderland – and parents don’t need to worry about the cost, all of the attractions are included in the entry price.

Every year, Taunus Wunderland gets bigger, and more attractive, with even more fun for the entire family.

The park is open daily all summer from 09:30 a.m.- 18:00 p.m. (last entry 5 p.m.).

An adult day ticket costs €24,00;
children from 100 – 130 cm pay €21,50;
children under 100 cm are free.
Every day from 15:00 hrs is Happy Hour, when entry is just €19,00.
Birthday girls and boys of any age get in free!
A season ticket for the whole summer costs just €65,00

Taunus Wunderland Freizeitpark

Haus zur Schanze 1 • 65388 Schlangenbad • Tel.: 06124 – 4081

Email: · · · · · · Internet:

Taunus Wunderland is located in Schlangenbad close to Wiesbaden. Follow the A66 from Wiesbaden direction Rüdesheim. Take the exit Schlangenbad and follow the signs to Schlangenbad. Or take the exit Idstein on the A3. Follow the B275 direction Bad Schwalbach and and follow the signposting to Schlangenbad.

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