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WarnerTV Film

WarnerTV Film is a German pay television channel owned by WarnerMedia International available through German cable companies, and by satellite as part of the Sky Movie package. The channel broadcasts movies both in German and the original language.


Monday, October 2

10:05 Escape To Victory

12:05 Liberty Heights

14:15 The F.B.I. Story

16:20 Brothers

18:10 Jason Bourne

20:15 Field of Dreams

22:00 One Night Stand

23:45 Field of Dreams

Tuesday, October 3

01:30 Skyjacked

03:10 Up Periscope

05:00 The Wild Frontiers: First 100 Years

06:00 The F.B.I. Story

08:10 Challenge to Lassie

09:30 Brothers

11:15 Up Periscope

13:10 Skyjacked

14:50 One Night Stand

16:35 Field of Dreams

18:20 Into the Blue

20:15 Die Hard

22:25 Die Hard 2

Wednesday, October 4

00:30 Double Impact

02:20 Caddyshack II

03:50 Love Affair

05:30 Warner TV Film – Klappe Jetzt!

06:00 The Charge At Feather River

07:40 Executive Action

09:10 Love Affair

11:00 Three to Tango

12:40 Caddyshack II

14:20 The Salton Sea

16:05 Jeremiah Johnson

18:00 Die Hard

20:15 Boiler Room

22:10 Defiance


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