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AFN Family   Pulse TV Schedule

AFN Family & AFN Pulse TV Schedule

AFN Family & AFN Pulse family-oriented programming includes shows, cartoons, and movies. Daytime shows for toddlers and evening programs for teens.

Thursday, May 30

00:00 Belle Collective
Not Model Behavior – Tempers erupt when the women confront Tambra at a “”sistervention.”” Sogucci struggles to keep her blended family from falling apart. Lateshia confronts Demond about the rumors.

01:00 Real Housewives of NYC
Anniversorry, Not Sorry – Ubah takes Erin diamond shopping for her 10th anniversary party; Jessel navigates the exclusive New York City pre-school scene; at Erin and Abe’s anniversary party, a bored Brynn stirs the pot and Sai gets upset about the lack of food.

02:00 Riverdale
Chapter Eighty: Purgatory – After spending seven years away from Riverdale, Archie returns to find the town is on the verge of becoming a ghost town; when Toni catches him up on what’s been going on, Archie reaches out to the rest of the gang to return home.

03:00 9-1-1: Lone Star
Child Care – Owen’s first date with the beautiful and accomplished chief of staff to the governor of Texas goes awry; the 126 arrive at a house fire and find a couple’s young daughter is missing; Judd meets a teenager who has a profound impact on him.

04:00 911
The New Abnormal – When the Hollywood Reservoir dam breaks, Bobby and the 118 race into action to save passengers on a city bus that has crashed into a building several stories in the air; the team adjusts to life as first responders during the pandemic.

05:00 Disney Junior T.O.T.S.

06:00 Fancy Nancy

06:30 The Chicken Squad

07:00 Alice’s Wonderland Bakery

07:30 Alice’s Wonderland Bakery

08:00 Sesame Street

09:00 Bitz & Bob

09:30 Bitz & Bob

10:00 The Lion Guard
Battle for the Pride Lands — Part I – Scar devises a scheme to destroy the Lion Guard, and the battle leaves its members forever changed.

10:30 The Lion Guard
Battle for the Pride Lands — Part II – Following their battle with Scar, the Lion Guard sets off for the Tree of Life.

11:00 Elena of Avalor

12:00 The Adventures of Chuck & Friends

12:30 The Adventures of Chuck & Friends

13:00 Firebuds
Wayne’s Trains and Automobiles; Jazzy Buds – Bo and his fire engine best friend, Flash, team up with their first responder friends to help others in their community with problems.

13:30 Firebuds
Blizzard Buds; Parade Escapade – Bo and his fire engine best friend, Flash, team up with their first responder friends to help others in their community with problems.

14:00 Sesame Street

15:00 Rock Paper Scissors

15:30 Rock Paper Scissors

16:00 Adventures of Puss In Boots

16:30 Hero Elementary

17:00 Young Dylan
The Enforcer – On his first day at school, Dylan starts a classroom protest over having to wear uniforms.

17:30 Raven’s Home
Ain’t That a Sidekick in the Head – Booker and Neil volunteer at a hospital.

18:00 Malory Towers
The Auditions – In post-World War II England, Darrell Rivers is sent to Malory Towers, a boarding school in Cornwall, England. There, Darrell learns about kindness, honesty and empathy as she navigates her formative years with the help of her schoolmates and best friends. Based on Enid Blyton’s books that were published in the late 1940s and early ’50s, the TV series includes a more racially diverse and inclusive cast.

18:30 The Other Kingdom
Witch! – Hailey tries to expose Astral’s “true” identity with surprising results.

19:00 Guy’s Grocery Games
Red Light Special Extravaganza – Going to the grocery store could be worth $20,000 for one chef in each episode of this competition series. 

20:00 9-1-1: Lone Star
Abandoned – As Owen wears an FBI wire for his meeting with O’Brien, The Honor Dogs crash the meet-up and let them know there’s an infiltrator in their midst; a frantic TK desperately searches for a missing Carlos, who is being held captive.

21:00 The Cleaning Lady
House of Cards – Russo receives a terrifying warning from Sin Cara; Jorge gets news that could alter his alliances.

22:00 sMothered
New Path, New Baby, Same Old Drama – Sunnie’s plan to come clean blows up in her face. DeLeesa gives Trevor an ultimatum. The results of the pageant pave a new path for Gabriella. Carlo helps Kathy plaster her legs for her funeral party.

23:00 The Murder Tapes
For Love or Money – In separate calls, Chillicothe, Ohio, police officers find three murder victims and another clinging to life; as they investigate these crimes, they discover the victims are related; detectives question suspects, which leads to an unlikely killer.

Friday, May 31

00:00 #TextMeWhenYouGetHome
Carolina Vargas – After 26-year-old rideshare driver Carolina Vargas drives a nice stranger to his hotel, she has no qualms about giving him another ride; her trusting gesture turns tragic, and Carolina is forced to fight for her life.

01:00 Keeping Up With the Kardashians
Photo Shoot Dispute – A fight about the family Christmas card escalates into a major feud; Scott feels guilty for moving on to a new relationship.

02:00 Dr. Pimple Popper
Troop Lipoma Hills – Krystal, a witch, looks to clear a curse of a cyst from her face; Keven wants to get a butt lipoma removed to get his tush back into a regular shape; Raquel, Dr. Lee’s esthetician BFF, almost suffocates Dr. Lee with love and a facial.

03:00 Naked and Afraid: Castaways
Trading One Hell for Another – Heather, Andrew and Patrick scavenge debris to make fire; Candice secures a protein win; Bulent and Na’im butt heads when their pig snare fails, and Kerra is caught in the middle; a survivalist is medically evacuated off the island.

04:00 The Haves And The Have Nots
A Talk With Jim – Candace wants to talk to Jim about her situation; and Benny tries to convince Hanna that Candace has changed her ways.

05:00 The Furchester Hotel

06:00 Fancy Nancy

07:00 Muppet Babies

08:00 Sesame Street

09:00 Sesame Street

09:30 Doc McStuffins

10:00 Paw Patrol

11:00 Esme & Roy

11:30 Bea’s Block
Lexi’s Parrot/Ricky’s Book – Bea and her friends spread kindness and build empathy through playful adventures in their community.

12:00 Ice Age: The Meltdown
Prod Year 2006 – Manny, Sid, and Diego discover that the Ice Age is coming to an end, and join everybody for a journey to higher ground. On the trip, they discover that Manny, in fact, is not the last of the wooly mammoths.

14:00 My Sesame Street Friends: Abby, Cookie Monster, Elmo, Grover

15:00 Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked
Prod Year 2011 – Playing around while aboard a cruise ship, the Chipmunks and Chipettes accidentally go overboard and end up marooned in a tropical paradise. They discover their new turf is not as deserted as it seems.

17:00 Lost & Found Music Studios
Potent Love – The Lost & Founders form groups to work on a song. Isaac & Jude find a songbook & are impressed by the lyrics. Leia, Maggie, Rachel, & Annabelle share secrets in order to bond as a group, but Leia is unwilling to spill her secret to Maggie.

17:30 Really Me
Comedy Gold… Fish – Maddy is given an important task; Ray gets sick.

18:00 Get Even
Get It Out – As D.G.M.’s futre remains uncertain, Bree digs deeper into Donte’s alibi; Olivia makes an unexpected move.

18:30 Secrets of Sulphur Springs
Time Waits for No One – In 1947, Harper and Griffin meet Ruby; Sarah is freaked out by the ghost.

19:00 Farmer Wants a Wife
Final Solo Dates – The farmers face a crucial decision; one of the ladies contemplates whether her relationship at the farm is headed in the right direction or if it’s time to travel back home.

20:00 Tyler Perry’s Sistas
The Good Fight – Maurice is willing to risk everything to save a friend as Danni may have made a terrible mistake with Preston.

21:00 All American
100% – With one of the biggest games of his career around the corner, Spencer seeks guidance by revisiting his past. As Layla continues to work through her mental health recovery, she plans a major surprise for Jordan. Elsewhere, Olivia receives some unexpected feedback from her publisher, and Asher takes matters into his own hands.

22:00 Love & Marriage: DC
Reunion Part 1 – Host Carlos King welcomes the cast to the reunion stage to get to the bottom of failed friendships and romantic relationships; tensions flare immediately, putting Ashley and Erana at odds as well as Clifton and Quick.

23:00 Where Is Wendy Williams?
I Really Want to Be Back on Television – After Wendy’s emotional return to her hometown of Asbury Park, it is discovered that Wendy’s health struggles may be more severe than previously thought.

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