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AFN Family Pulse TV Schedule

AFN Family & AFN Pulse TV Schedule

AFN Family & AFN Pulse family-oriented programming includes shows, cartoons, and movies. Daytime shows for toddlers and evening programs for teens.

Sunday, July 3

19:00 Zoe Bakes
Cookie Delivery – Zoe wants to give her college son a taste of home by baking chocolate chip cookies that highlight a friend’s fun technique.

19:30 The Johnnyswim Show
Backyard Carnival – Joaquin struggles to adjust to life at home, so Abner and Amanda throw a carnival like the ones they visit on the road; Johnnyswim writes a song inspired by Joaquin, and Abner becomes obsessed with the chickens.

20:00 Dynasty
My Family, My Blood – Fallon and Blake come up with a plan to beat Ben; Dominique tries to keep herself out of the family drama, no matter how much Ben tries to drag her in; Sam tries to set up Culhane; Alexis seems to have a major change of heart.

21:00 Tyler Perry’s The Oval
One Rule – The president makes Sharon a salacious offer; Donald discovers a major security breach; Bobby and max discover a powerful new ally.

22:00 Teen Mom: Girls’ Night In
Was That a Pregnancy Reveal? – Amber is shocked that Leah has been subpoenaed in a case against her doctor. Maci empathizes when Jade reveals she isn’t speaking to her mom. Cheyenne can’t believe Briana’s fight. The OGs hope that Ashley & Bar can make it through.

23:00 Love & Marriage: Huntsville
Destined for a Storm – Wanda’s behavior at Jaylin’s housewarming has Maurice questioning Marsau; Melody hosts an event for her new skincare line; KeKe pulls Kimmi aside to hash things out; the Scott couples go on a double date.

Monday, July 4

00:00 90 Day Fiance
Full of Surprises – Josh’s family is shocked by Aleksandra’s past; Melanie goes ring shopping and meets Devar’s mother; Mark and Nikki’s cohabitation gets off to a rough start; Kyle goes to extremes to express his love for Noon; Fernando has bad news for Carolina.

01:00 90 Day Fiance
Missing Home – Lauren is in tears after a call to Alexie’s parents; Josh tries to cheer up Aleksandra, but his plan backfires; Nikki has second thoughts about moving to the U.S.; Melanie’s sisters interrogate Devar; Carolina goes shopping for a wedding dress.

02:00 The Resident
So Long, Dawn Long – Conrad finds himself caught between his duties as a doctor and his loyalty to Kit when he discovers that her son-in-law may be suffering from a serious disease; Devon and Nic make a shocking discovery about a former patient.

03:00 The Originals
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea – Frustrated by the lack of progress made in the search for Hayley, Klaus turns up the heat by taking hostages from each of the three New Orleans supernatural factions. Freya goes to Mystic Falls to check on Hope, who has been sent back to the Salvatore School. Vincent seeks guidance from Ivy after learning that Klaus’ erratic behavior is escalating.

04:00 The 100
The Dark Year – As Clarke races to save Abby, she learns more about what Wonkru was forced to do in the dark year.

05:00 Blues Clues

05:30 Blues Clues

06:00 The Wonder Pets

06:30 The Wonder Pets

07:00 Play with Me Sesame

07:30 Play with Me Sesame

08:00 Sesame Street

09:00 Disney Junior T.O.T.S.

09:30 Elmo’s Not-Too-Late Show

10:00 Mickey and the Roadster Racers

10:30 Mickey and the Roadster Racers

11:00 Dora the Explorer

11:30 Dora the Explorer

12:00 Family Game Night

13:00 Adventures of Puss In Boots

13:30 Almost Naked Animals

14:00 Amphibia

14:30 6Teen

15:00 Penn Zero: Part Time Hero

15:30 The Fairly OddParents

16:00 The Loud House

16:30 Be Cool Scooby-Doo!

17:00 Andi Mack
Were We Ever? – Bex encourages Andi to stand up for herself and challenge an unreasonable new dress code, so Andi, Buffy and Cyrus practice their newfound empowerment and start a protest.

17:30 Bizaardvark
Rozes are Red – Awkward elder romance is in the air when Bernie’s Grandma Roz meets Amelia and Willow’s dad, Red; Frankie’s driving skills are less than impressive.

18:00 Every Witch Way
Back to Square One – Emma considers going back in time to save her mother. Daniel wants to return to the Everglades. Jake and Jessie go into hiding.

18:30 Coop & Cami Ask the World
Would You Wrather Move to Canada? – Cooper is upset to learn that Peyton is moving to Canada and doesn’t seem sad to be leaving.

19:00 America’s Top Dog
Redemption on the Line – The runner-up pooches from the season are back for redemption; it’ll be a record-breaking night as these hungry pups compete for the last remaining spot in the grand finale and a chance to become America’s Top Dog.

20:00 Good Sam
Wake Up – When a gunshot victim is rushed to the emergency room, the incident triggers flashbacks to the aftermath of Griff’s own shooting.

21:00 Transplant
Roads – Bash helps his undocumented friend Khaled apply for asylum.

22:00 Married at First Sight
Where Are They Now – The cart comes way before the horse in the reality series “”Married at First Sight.”” Based on a hit Danish format, “”Married…”” features people who agree to participate in an extreme experiment: Each covenants legal marriage with a complete stranger. Specialists — including a spiritualist, a relationship coach and a sociologist — use scientific matchmaking methods to determine each couple, who will not have met or had contact with each other until the wedding day. The series then documents the relationships, including honeymoons and other relatable events of married life. After several weeks, each couple must decide whether to remain together or go their individual ways.

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