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AFN Family & AFN Pulse TV Schedule

The AFN family-oriented programming includes shows, cartoons, and movies. Daytime shows for toddlers and evening programs for teens.

Sunday September 27

00:00 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After
She’s a Wolf – Elizabeth’s new discovery threatens the wedding; Colt comes clean to his mother; Karine discovers more about Paul’s America; Angela is desperate for a witness; Larissa makes a surprising call; Kalani and her mother go head-to-head with Asuelu.

02:00 Star
May The Best Manager Win – Ayana is quickly reminded of the tremendous pressure she is under to make her family proud, when her father – a legendary music label executive – pays a visit to Midtown. Alex continues to be haunted by her lies to Derek; Star and Simone differ on how best to deal with Brody’s mysterious return; and Noah faces a tense encounter with the police during an event thrown by the label. Meanwhile, Jahil works on a plan to debut a new duo he’s discovered, featuring his nephew, Angel, and Ayanna’s assistant.

03:00 Empire
My Fate Cries Out – Cookie gets picked up by AUSA Conway, while Lucious is visited by his past. Becky, Hakeem and Andre devise a plan to save Empire by putting on a show with special guests Sevyn Streeter and Ty Dolla $ign. Meanwhile, Andre helps Empire by getting help from the last person the Lyons expect and Cookie may never forgive Lucious for what he’s done.

04:00 Sleepy Hollow
The Sisters Mills – Abbie and Jenny work together when Sleepy Hollow’s children are preyed upon by a monster. Meanwhile, Pandora outdoes herself with her latest assault on the forces of good.

05:00 Sesame Street

06:00 Zack & Quack

06:30 Zack & Quack

07:00 Real Life Catholic

07:30 The Donut Man

08:00 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

08:30 Be Cool Scooby-Doo!

09:00 Camp Lakebottom

09:30 Big City Greens

10:00 The Casagrandes
V.I.Peeved/Se’or Class – Carlota worries that her family will embarrass her after her vlog is discovered by a famous musician. Hector becomes Ronnie Anne and Carl’s newest classmate after deciding to finish his schooling.

10:30 DuckTales

11:00 Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz

11:30 Almost Naked Animals

12:00 Girl Meets World
Girl Meets Hurricane

12:30 Girl Meets World
Girl Meets Mr. Squirrels Goes to Washington – Eric finds out that he was only recruited to run for Senate because he was expected to lose; Riley and her friends help with his campaign.

13:00 Cars 3
Prod Year 2017 – Lightning McQueen sets out to prove to a new generation of racers that he’s still the best race car in the world.

15:00 Too Cute!

16:00 Teacher of the Year
Prod Year 2014 – Surrounded by the eccentric faculty of Truman High School, Mitch Carter wins the California Teacher of the Year award and immediately receives a tempting offer that may force him to leave his job.

17:30 Too Cute! Pint Sized

18:00 America’s Funniest Home Videos

19:00 The Good Witch
The Loft – Cassie invites her friends on a trip to Chicago to help them reconnect; Sam is called in to assist when the new surgeon’s techniques fail.

20:00 Married at First Sight
Here Comes the Stranger – Five couples get ready to walk down the aisle; while the first three couples celebrate their marriages with the help of family and friends, two couples still remain to take the giant leap of faith.

21:30 10 Things You Don’t Know – Jennifer Lopez

22:00 T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle

23:00 Real Housewives of NYC
Love Him and Leave Them – The ladies celebrate Halloween with a scream-inducing tour of Blood Manor; Tinsley returns from Chicago with a life-changing decision and major relationship update; Ramona brings Dorinda and Sonja to Long Island to help plan her birthday party.

Monday September 28

00:00 Challenge: War of the Worlds 2
All is Fair in Love and War

01:30 Miracle Workers: Dark Ages
Help Wanted – Al lands an impressive new job. Prince Chauncley loses one of his favorite ducks.

02:00 The Vampire Diaries
I Carry Your Heart with Me – An unexpected turn of events leaves Damon scrambling and his actions gain the unwanted attention of Mary Louise and Nora, which forces Stefan and Caroline to spend the night distracting the girls at Whitmore College’s Heaven and Hell ball. Meanwhile, Enzo sets off on a mission to find out what Valerie is hiding; and a plan set by Alaric and Bonnie leaves their worlds turned upside down.

03:00 The Originals
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea – Frustrated by the lack of progress made in the search for Hayley, Klaus turns up the heat by taking hostages from each of the three New Orleans supernatural factions. Freya goes to Mystic Falls to check on Hope, who has been sent back to the Salvatore School. Vincent seeks guidance from Ivy after learning that Klaus’ erratic behavior is escalating.

04:00 The 100
The Children of Gabriel – Clarke tries to win over the leaders of Sanctum in order to let her people stay. Meanwhile, Bellamy, Echo and Octavia discover a new threat while on a mission to retrieve the transport ship.

05:00 Blues Clues

05:30 Blues Clues

06:00 The Wonder Pets

06:30 The Wonder Pets

07:00 Play with Me Sesame

07:30 Play with Me Sesame

08:00 Sesame Street

09:00 Super BOOMi

09:30 Super Monsters

10:00 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

10:30 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

11:00 Dora the Explorer

11:30 Dora the Explorer

12:00 Bubble Guppies

12:30 Bubble Guppies

13:00 Tickety Toc

13:30 Tickety Toc

14:00 Sesame Street

15:00 Penn Zero: Part Time Hero

15:30 The Fairly OddParents

16:00 The Loud House

16:30 Wander Over Yonder

17:00 Andi Mack
Best Surprise Ever – Amber fails to defend Jonah Beck when her friends mock his Space Otters team, causing Jonah to turn to Andi. Meanwhile, Andi is convinced Bex and Bowie are destined to be together.

17:30 Bizaardvark
Don’t Think, Just Dare – Paige wants to break up with Reese but she does not want to hurt his feelings, so she enlists her friends to help her.

18:00 Every Witch Way
Stuck in a Storm – Katie, Sophie and Gigi are lost in the Everglades as a big storm approaches – and an unexpected visitor turns up to rescue them.

18:30 Coop & Cami Ask the World
Would You Wrather Have Potato Pants? – Charlotte enlists the help of Coop and Cami in an effort to become a member of the school’s popular a cappella group, The Glamtronics.

19:00 Last Man Standing
Dreams vs. Realty – Mandy nearly gives up on her dream of becoming a fashion designer when she is faced with rejection; Vanessa looks back at her own career path, which stirs up regrets; Mike steps in to help the women in his family realize their dreams.

19:30 Last Man Standing
HR’s Rough n’ Stuff – Kyle’s first day in Outdoor Man human resources is more than he bargained for when Chuck and Joe file a complaint against Mike; Ryan finds himself in the doghouse when he, Kristen and Boyd take care of a neighbor’s puppy.

20:00 The Neighborhood
Welcome to the Barbershop – When Dave drops by Calvin’s longtime barbershop, he’s quickly embraced by its owner and patrons, much to Calvin’s consternation.

20:30 The Neighborhood
Welcome to Thanksgiving – Dave and Gemma host a memorable Thanksgiving in their new home when Dave’s politically incorrect mother, Paula, visits from out of town and meets Calvin, Tina and the rest of the Butler family for the first time.

21:00 Double Shot at Love
Mom, I Messed Up – Pauly and Vinny’s reputations are on the line when their suitemates embarrass themselves on their first day of work. Marissa confesses her one night stand to her mom.

22:00 Siesta Key
I’m Thankful – Juliette hangs out with a billionaire, while Alyssa’s family questions Alex’s loyalty. Madisson distances herself from the whole group by hanging out with Alex and Alyssa. Amanda’s distrust of JJ ruins their relationship.

23:00 Love & Marriage: Huntsville
Thera-pissed – With a new baby on the way, Mel and Martell attend couples’ therapy; frustrated with the lack of activity in the Comeback Group, Kimmi decides to set up her own charity event; the Holts host a game night; Tisha and Kimmi’s friendship is tested.


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