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Buying a new car in Germany and Europe

U.S. Military personnel stationed in Germany, Europe and Overseas have the opportunity to buy a new car at substantial rebates over prices in the United States. Benefits of military car sales programs include tax-free sales, fixed dollar prices and U.S specs.

Military sales program prices are fixed, so there is no time-wasting hassle, no need to bargain, no need to contact many different dealers to try to get the best price. No feeling that other customers might be getting a better price – everyone pays the same.

Staff working for the various military sales programs are specialists trained to give help and advice on all aspects of buying a U.S. spec car in Europe including help with home shipping and financing.

Military sales programs work with banks and credit unions that specialize in providing loans to military and civilian personnel. Many military sales programs offer free home shipping or if you are eligible, the military will ship your vehicle back to the states without charge.

In order to take advantage of these military sales programs you must be a member of the U.S. Military, or a DOD Civilian ID Card holder stationed outside the U.S. at the time you place your order.

Military sales programs available in Europe

Military AutoSource (MAS) will help you find the right vehicle to fit your needs while providing you with superior value, service and convenience. For over 50 years we have proudly served the U.S. Military community with our factory-direct program offering access to a wide range of makes and models. Military AutoSource is available to active duty military, civilian, DOD employees and the diplomatic community stationed outside the United States. Our program offers exclusive savings and benefits not available anywhere else, and provides customers with the option of purchasing their new vehicle from existing inventory or custom ordering to their exact specifications for delivery overseas or to the stateside destination of their choice. We are the factory authorized military distributor of Audi, Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen and many other leading manufacturers.

The Military AutoSource Program Features:
  • All-New U.S. Specification Vehicles
  • Privileged Military Pricing
  • Custom Order* or Choose From Inventory
  • Europe or Stateside Delivery**
  • Worldwide Warranty Coverage
  • Finance Assistance
  • Trade-In Assistance

Visit our Website to learn more.

* Custom order on Audi and Volkswagen vehicles only. **Toyota and Honda available for Europe delivery only. Offered by Auto Exchange Kaftfahrzeug-Handels GmbH.


BMW Military Sales

BMW Military Sales is a privilege program designed specifically for U.S. service personnel serving overseas. It is open to all active-duty military personnel, DoD Civilian ID Card holders and DoD contractors on temporary (TDY) or permanent (PCS) orders abroad at the time of purchase.

Benefits of BMW Military Sales
Significant savings thanks to military discounts
Fixed prices worldwide
Tax-free purchase
Extended warranty
Full support from authorized BMW Military Sales agents located close to you who understand your needs
Organization of official paperwork and help with home shipment

You can choose from a range of stock vehicles for immediate delivery or have your new BMW built to your personal specifications. Either way, you get a BMW that complies with U.S. import regulations and road laws.

Warranty cover
Every BMW sold through the Military Sales Program comes with a limited 24-month warranty. If you are based in Europe, you can arrange to extend your European warranty cover beyond the initial two-year period. Outside Europe, warranty options vary from country to country – talk to your local BMW Military Sales agent for more details.

Financing your new BMW
There are many banks and credit unions that specialize in finance for military personnel and your local BMW Military Sales agent can help you get the best package for your needs. The BMW Military Sales Program is not connected to any banks or credit unions which provide financing to U.S. Military servicemembers.

Delivery options
BMW can deliver to your local authorized Military Sales dealer or you can collect the car from the BMW Welt in Munich. BMW can also deliver your new vehicle straight to your local U.S. dealer, or BMW can also arrange for a BMW purchased in Europe to be shipped home once your overseas deployment comes to an end.

BMW Welt – the BMW automobile delivery centre
Wherever you are based, you can arrange to collect your vehicle from the BMW Welt, the home of the brand. Take the opportunity to explore Munich, or combine your trip with a tour of the BMW factory. Then get to know your new BMW on some of the wonderful Bavarian roads.

More information on the BMW Military Sales program from the following BMW Military Sales Agents:

Bavarian Motor Cars – locations in Ansbach, Ansbach/Katterbach, Bamberg, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Garmisch, Grafenwöhr, Mannheim, Schweinfurt, Vilseck, Würzburg:

More info:

Euler Group BMW & Mini – locations in Kaiserslautern & Baumholder:

More info: Euler Military Sales

VW, Audi, Skoda

Autohaus Rittersbacher

Locations in Kaiserslautern x 2 and Kusel.

More info: Rittersbacher VW, Audi, Skoda



Autohaus Meiling – Stuttgart Area


Autohaus Meiling GmbH – Böblingen – more info

Toyota – Wiesbaden Area

Autohaus Bertram

Slide Bertram GenericSlide Bertram 2Slide Bertram 4Slide Bertram 3Slide Bertram 1

Autohaus Bertram
Your Toyota dealer in Wiesbaden and Rheingau

More info: Autohaus Bertram – Toyota

Mercedes Military Sales

The Mercedes-Benz USA overseas military program. The personalized buying experience is convenient and hassle-free, and an experienced product specialists will help you find the right vehicle to fit your needs, while providing you with the service and value you deserve. Custom order your vehicle, or choose from the complete Mercedes-Benz class lineup, available for delivery in Europe or the United States.

More information: Military AutoSales

Auto Dienst Pflieger in Sindelfingen operate a Mercedes Military Sales program as well as offering financing and impecable after-sales service.

More information: Auto-Dienst Pflieger

MINI Military Sales

The MINI Military Sales Program offers unbeatable price advantages for active-duty U.S. forces, DoD Civilian ID Card holders and DoD contractors stationed outside the U.S. All vehicles meet U.S. legal and technical requirements and can be delivered to your local MINI Military Sales dealer or shipped home to the U.S.

Great savings thanks to exclusive military rebates
Professional advice and assistance from experienced MINI Military Sales agents, Tax-free sales
Prices fixed in US$ to eliminate any risk of price fluctuations
U.S. spec vehicles that meet all U.S. legal requirements
Comfortable and quick delivery to a MINI Military Sales dealership close to you
No import duty if you take delivery overseas
Optional home shipping package, Several drop-off points across Europe, Optional marine insurance
Warranty coverage in any country where MINI is represented
Warranty coverage, Full Maintenance and Roadside Assistance if you take your vehicle back to the U.S.

Special offers at credit unions are available. Certain institutions deal exclusively with military personnel and government employees. The MINI Military Sales Program is not connected to any of these banks or credit unions.

Buying a MINI through the Military Sales Program is easy and convenient. Just contact your nearest MINI Military Sales agent. Your MINI Military Sales agent will give you professional advice and support throughout and will assist with financing, registration and any other paperwork.

More information on the MINI Military Sales program from:

Bavarian Motor Cars – locations in Ansbach, Ansbach/Katterbach, Bamberg, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Garmisch, Grafenwöhr, Mannheim, Schweinfurt, Vilseck, Würzburg:

More info:

Euler Group BMW & Mini – locations in Kaiserslautern & Baumholder:

More info: Euler Military Sales

Volvo Military Sales

Volvo Cars Military Sales has been serving the U.S. military community since the mid-1950’s and has sold hundreds of thousands of Volvos to military customers deployed outside the U.S. The Volvo Military Sales Program is one of the most comprehensive in the market, designed to make your purchase safe and convenient. Volvo Military retailers are located near most U.S. military bases overseas.

Factory pricing – save thousands over U.S. MSRP
Special military offers with additional savings on equipment
Custom build your Volvo: Choose options and colors
Free shipping from Europe to the U.S.
4-year warranty world-wide (or 50,000 miles)
3 years roadside assistance
3 years servicing (36,000 miles)
“Safe + Secure” plan
No U.S. import duty with PCS orders, when taking delivery overseas
Marine insurance and customs clearance included at no extra cost
Option of VIP delivery at the Volvo Factory in Gothenburg, Sweden
Simple and stress-free purchase process
Professional assistance with the legal formalities and paperwork
Global Volvo organization dedicated to military sales

Several Delivery Options
Local delivery to where you bought your new Volvo
U.S. delivery (free shipment!)
Overseas Delivery (Korea, Japan, Guam)
VIP delivery at the Volvo Factory Delivery Center

VIP delivery at the Volvo Factory Delivery Center in Gothenburg, Sweden
This VIP experience includes a host of benefits including lunch at the Volvo restaurant and a tour of the Volvo plant or the Volvo Brand Experience Center.

More information on the Volvo Military Sales program from:

Auto Pieper – Bavaria and Stuttgart:

More info: Autopieper



Military Program – tailored to your special needs

ROADCRAFT is the exclusive division of the Autosalon Carworld Group which has been supplying exclusive new tax-free cars for over 40 years to NATO Military, Tourists and Diplomats of all nationalities across the world. Our reputation is based on the highest level of service and the lowest prices- guaranteeing customer satisfaction. All cars sold by Roadcraft include our unique 24/7 LIFETIME SUPPORT guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Our U.S. Volvo Services include: free factory collection, free 3 years Maintenance, free Home shipment, free 3 year Road Assistance, 4 year worldwide warranty, secure USD payments, lowest finance rates worldwide.

European spec: Volvo, BMW, Mini, Mercedes, Peugeot, Citroen, Toyota, Lexus, Kia, Audi, VW, Land Rover, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bentley, Porsche.

More info: Military Diplomatic Taxfree Cars

ABC Auto Glass

Transglobal car shipping

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