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AFN prime atlantic TV Guide

AFN Prime Atlantic TV Guide

AFN Prime Atlantic entertainment channel Europe features latest sports fixtures and airs a mix of the top rated current sitcoms, dramas, syndicated court shows, talk shows, game shows and reality shows. Find out what’s on AFN Prime Atlantic tonight.

Sunday, February 25

00:00 NHL Hockey Central Saturday

00:30 NHL Hockey Central Saturday

01:00 NHL: Toronto Maple Leafs @ Colorado Avalanche

04:00 On The Fly (LIP)

04:30 NHL: Anaheim Ducks @ Los Angeles Kings

07:00 Defense News Weekly

07:30 Hiring America

08:00 The Entertainers

09:00 In Touch

09:30 Creflo Dollar

10:00 Time of Grace

10:30 Kerry Shook Ministries

11:00 Worship Anew

11:30 Aleph Beta

12:00 Motorweek

12:30 Cars.TV

13:00 History’s Greatest Mysteries
The Phoenix Lights Phenomenon – In 1997, thousands of people across Phoenix witness a series of strange lights unlike anything they’ve ever seen; many think this could be one of the largest-scale UFO sightings in history, but there may be another explanation.

14:00 The Entertainers
Celebrities are interviewed and open up to share their lives and experiences.

15:00 Ancient Aliens
The Giants of Malta – Enormous, megalithic structures of mysterious origins; a vast underground complex containing the remains of what some believe to be otherworldly beings; the ancient mysteries that exist on the islands of Malta could be connected to alien visitation.

16:00 The UnBelievable with Dan Aykroyd
Superhumans – A blind man who uses bat-like powers of echolocation to navigate his surroundings; a samurai with reflexes faster than a speeding bullet; a man who’s immune to electrocution.

17:00 The Toys That Built America
Old Games, New Twists – As toys become increasingly complex in the early 1970s, two unconventional inventors risk their homes and careers to bring revolutionary twists to classic games; together, Uno and Connect Four unleash a wave of family-friendly games.

18:00 COLL BB – Men’s Creighton @ St. John’s

20:00 NASCAR Raceday

21:00 NASCAR Cup Series: Ambetter Health 400

Monday, February 26

00:30 College Basketball: Minnesota @ Nebraska

02:30 NHL: Nashville Predators @ Anaheim Ducks

04:30 On The Fly

05:00 This Week with George Stephanopoulos

06:00 Meet the Press (NBC)

07:00 Face the Nation (CBS)

08:00 The View

09:00 GMA3: What You Need To Know

10:00 Justice For the People with Judge Milian

10:30 Equal Justice With Judge Eboni K. Williams.

11:00 The Dr. Phil show

12:00 NBC News Daily

13:00 The Young and the Restless

14:00 General Hospital

15:00 Days of Our Lives

16:00 The Bold & The Beautiful

16:30 We The People with Judge Lauren Lake

17:00 Wheel of Fortune

17:30 Jeopardy!

18:00 Will & Grace
With Enemies Like These – Will discovers a way to finally get back at Jack for years of mocking his hairline; Grace is determined to prove to Mrs. Timmer she’s strong enough to handle being a single mother; Karen squares off against Stan’s brother in a poker game.

18:30 Family Feud

19:00 The Equalizer
Full Throttle – After a young girl is struck by a car in an illegal street race, McCall tracks down the person responsible for the hit-and-run. Meanwhile, Dee contemplates the idea of following in her mother’s footsteps to join the armed forces.

20:00 NCIS: Sydney
Snakes in the Grass – When a Navy compliance officer is found dead in a waterhole from a snakebite, the team works to uncover the origin of the rare, deadly taipan that is uncommon to the area where the officer was discovered.

21:00 CSI: Vegas
Scar Tissue – With a new piece of evidence at play, Catherine Willows reopens an investigation from her past that never got solved after a violent attack left her hospitalized. Internal affairs begins questioning Folsom.

22:00 The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

23:00 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert



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