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Concerts, Festivals & Events Guide

English language guide to concerts and events in Germany, Festivals of wine and beer, sausage and cheese, exhibitions, events, a what’s happening and things to do in Germany and neighboring European countries.

Lautr Summer

“Lautr Summer Evenings” concert atmosphere in the city center

The “Lautr Summer Evenings” are entering their third season! Over the summer months, to August 22, 2024, various artists will once again perform on a mobile event stage, alternating between different locations in Kaiserslautern’s city center. On Thursdays, all visitors to the city center will once again be treated to the finest listening pleasure from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., presented by Citymanagement Kaiserslautern.

Lautr Summer Evenings


Johannisnacht Mainz

From June 21 to 24, 2024, for four days, right in the heart of Mainz!
More than 55 years ago, Johannisnacht in Mainz was created to honor Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of movable type printing and will this year once again offer a rich selection of art, concerts and creative activities. 

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Homburg Flea and Antiques Market

The biggest flea and antiques market in southwest Germany, Homburg Flea and Antiques Market normally takes place on the first Saturday of the month, in the area known as the Forum, in front of the Homburg Rathaus (town hall).

The next Flea and Antiques market: Saturday, 06. July. from 08:00 – 16:00

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Stuttgart Events

18. July 2024 – 29. July 2024

jazzopen stuttgart 2024

It’s jazz time again: jazzopen Stuttgart. Eleven days full of exhilarating concerts on several stages in Stuttgart. Experience fine jazz alongside great pop, rock, soul and blues.

In addition to the 4 main stages, the Open Stages have also been part of the jazzopen festival program for several years. In order to make music accessible to as many people as possible, jazzopen offers free concerts in the StadtPalais – Museum für Stuttgart, in the music pavilion on Schlossplatz, in the art museum and in St. Eberhard’s Cathedral.

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Homburg – historic old town

Homburg is a charming small city in the Saarland region of south-west Germany. It’s about 25 miles west of Kaiserslautern. During the summer months concerts are held at the historical market place on weekends and public holidays.

As well as the historic old town with its cafes, restaurants and winebars, sights include the Schlossberg Höhlen (Schlossberg Caves), and the Roman Museum, or Römermuseum, an open-air museum which shows scenes from Roman-era life 2,000 years ago.

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Kaiserslautern Zoo

The Kaiserslautern Zoo is a popular destination located in Siegelbach in the northwestern outskirts of the city’s suburbs: discover nature, and learn interesting details about the kingdom of animals.

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Animals Nov 23


Mannheim’s largest city park open to visitors – with many new offerings. In just three weeks, park staff, gardeners, animal keepers, technicians and the Service team converted the park from BUGA to park operation. Cash register systems had to be converted, hotlines changed, and the remaining work that had to be done before the winter season on plants and animals. And this time, as before the BUGA, the team was again working flat out to ensure that the Luisenpark with its New Park Center, the modern area between the Plant Show House and the Kutzerweiher, becomes an experience for visitors.

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Gelterswoog medieval market


Fire-show. © Lorraine Médiévale

Thursday October 3 to Sunday October 6

Four-day program on the park grounds of the Gelterswoog lido.

The lido operators in cooperation with the organizer Lorraine Médiévale will present the four-day medieval market held on the park lawns of the Gelterswoog lido.

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Amusement parks in Germany.

Amusement Combi

Amusement Parks Roll Out the Fun –
From roller coasters to shows to Lego blocks to nature walks, there’s lots to do outside.

Europe’s amusement parks open earlier and will stay open later this year.  It will be a banner year as some parks celebrate anniversaries, while other parks open new rides. That’s not all. More parks are providing hotels and other on-site accommodations to make a trip to an amusement park a several day affair. Some also provide two-day passes and season passes at very reasonable rates.

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Change of sound at the John Cage organ art project

One of the slowest pieces of music in the world had its next change of sound on Monday February 5 (2.30 pm) in the Burchardi Church in Halberstadt. A new pipe was added in the 639-year organ piece ORGAN²/ASLSP (“As Slow aS Possible”) by US avant-garde composer John Cage (1912-1992).

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