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VETERAMA – Hockenheim Ring

Europe’s largest market for vintage vehicles – modern & classic vehicles – parts & accessories

April 12. to April 14. 2024

Veterama 6

  • Parts market: drivers’ paddock / pits / pit roof / pavilion
  • Camping site for visitors
  • Shuttle buses from the carpark to the main entrance
  • Parts shuttle
  • Service Depot: Place purchased parts in free storage during the event
  • The mecca for the antique car and modern classic scene
  • Show Arena: free parking / antique car exhibition for visitors directly on the event grounds
  • Advanced ticket sales online on our website
  • Great supporting stunt show

It’s time . . . The mechanics’ season can begin

According to the calendar, it may still be a while before spring begins, but preparations for Veterama at the Hockenheimring are already underway in the scene. Spare parts are being sorted in garages and home workshops. Dirty parts cleaned and tarnished chrome polished to a high gloss.

If you haven’t registered yet, you should do so as soon as possible, because there are still places available for traders at the spring Veterama. Dealers who have not yet taken part are also welcome. Just have a look through your stock and sort out what you probably no longer need. Such parts could possibly help another classic car enthusiast to get their old vehicle ready to drive again and they will receive “cash for rares” in return. But complete vehicles on two or four wheels, restored or unrestored, can also find a new owner at Veterama.

Veterama Ring 2024Christian Leibig

A treasure trove for Oldtimer, Car and Motorcycle enthusiasts including: Cars, Spare parts, Bikes, Models, Literature, Motorcycle clothing, Restoration companies, Work shop supplies, Body shops, Auctioneers, Tools, Tires, Accessories and much more.

It is now time to open garages and carports on their antique cars and modern classics. VETERAMA is the solution for every mechanic and owner of historical vehicles. Sell all those extraneous parts and objects that have been collecting in your garage. Or perhaps you’re an owner, and want to find tips or service providers to support you in your restoration. Or perhaps you’re looking for parts that you can fit in your vehicle.

Veterama PartsNikola_Popovic

VETERAMA provides the ideal platform

There are a great many reasons for an antique car to find its way into the workshop. Often, it’s only the usual trifles like worn brakes, sluggish clutches, or defect lighting that must be repaired.
And, of course, it’s not rarely the case that the elderly technology demands a major overhaul.

Although there are no statistics on the number of historical vehicles that would have sunken into oblivion without VETERAMA, one thing is certain: many thousands of antique cars all over Europe owe their eternal youth to the spare parts supply at VETERAMA.

Veterama Car BikeNikola_Popovic

Newcomers will find a wide range of choices at VETERAMA. Especially unrestored vehicles purchased at VETERAMA have become many people’s key to this fascinating pastime. Yet also the longstanding marketplace will offer you many vehicles that you can sit in and drive – and that at great entry level prices.

VETERAMA is still upholding its reputation as a place for buying vehicles at realistic prices. Perhaps without the high gloss. But that’s exactly what makes VETERAMA what it is. For this very reason, VETERAMA has become a fixed, integral part of the scene.

Many have already made VETERAMA a red letter day. If you haven’t, then note the day now:
April 12 – April 14, 2024 Hockenheim-Ring

Further details can be found at

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