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Ramstein • Landstuhl • Kaiserslautern 

We believe in accommodation that is simple, comfortable & hassle-free.
With TLA Office you feel at home when you’re away.

Whether you’re arriving in or departing from Germany, our temporary lodgings are the perfect place to stay while you are looking for permanent housing.

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Ramstein housing – Temporary lodging for military personnel
Our agency TLA Office specializes in offering temporary Ramstein housing, a collection of premium rentals each conveniently located with easy access to the base.

KMC – Kaiserslautern housing
Colloquially known as K-Town, Kaiserslautern is at the center of the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC) and offers great housing options within and around the city.

LRMC – Landstuhl housing
If you prefer a place close to the LRMC, Landstuhl is the place to go! Our housing service spans the entire KMC and is available to all military personnel.

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Whether you are single or a large family with pets, our apartments and homes are designed to give you the comforts you would expect at home with superior customer service to help you transition into or out of Germany. We welcome you to browse our webpage, email or call us for more information.

ImageWe look forward to hearing from you!

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