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Keeping it simple! THE COMMSHOP

Internet – Mobile – English TV

One Stop – All Companies and all service offerings

Located just outside Ramstein Air Base

  • DSL (Broadband)
  • Cable (Broadband)
  • Dialup Analog or ISDN
  • Satellite

No matter where you live in Germany, some kind of Internet service is available. From Classic dialup, to DSL, Cable, 4G Mobile, LTE or satellite. We have access to all of the sources in Germany.


  • Telephone Services only
  • Internet & Telephone Bundles
  • Preselection & Call-By-Call
  • Mobile / Cellular service

Germany offers one of the world´s most advanced telephone services in the world. Where you are looking for Cellular, landline, or Phone and Internet bundles, we´ll find a plan to fit your needs.


  • POP Email Addresses
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Virtual Hosting
  • Voice over IP

Would you like to host a web page or have your own domain? Do you need a POP-3 email address, or would you like to use the internet for phone calls. We can help.



From Cable to DSL and LTE. Make the CommShop your first stop if you are looking for communications services in Germany. Every service from every company is available in one location.

As an independent agency we exist from finding and signing you up for new services, upgrades to existing services, and changes from one to another company. Since we´re not employees of any of the companies we´re agents of, we can offer you the best independent consultation and recommendations of availablilty and choice, without you feeling like someone is simply trying to sell you something. Every offering in Germany (except on-base cable services – please don´t mix this up with on-base DSL service) is available through us.

Use the CommShop advantage and get English language consultation, ordering, order tracking, initial installation and configuration support, and best of all Earn Money with a CommShop Signup Bonus on top of any offerings from the companies themselves. No one else in Germany offers you all of this.

Customer outlet:

The CommShop

Ziegellhütte 2, 66877 Ramstein

Office Hours: Monday 14-1800 hours and Tuesday through Friday 10-1800.
We´re closed on Sat., Sun., and all German Holidays.

Right off Ramstein Air Base – Directly next to the Hotel Atlantis

Telephone: 06371-60753 (Free of charge with Landline Flat)

FAX: 06371-60754



Come by and talk to one of our representatives. If something is available for you in Germany, we will find it, and get it to you in English if you want it.

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