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Schweinemuseum Stuttgart

The largest swine museum in the world – the slightly different museum in Stuttgart

There are many museums in Stuttgart, but none is like the museum with probably the largest pig collection in Stuttgart.

First opened on 1 May 2010 in the old administration building of the Stuttgart slaughterhouse, the most curious museum in southern Germany has firmly established itself in the museum and cultural landscape of Stuttgart. Over 50,000 exhibits from all over the world welcome you to the world of pigs in the middle of the state capital of Baden-Württemberg!

Immerse yourself in the collection of Erika Wilhelmer on just under 1,000 square meters and a total of 3 floors and learn all about the pig. The SchweineMuseum in the east of Stuttgart presents topics from around the world. “The pig in medicine“, the development of different pig breeds or the meaning of the pig as a symbol of luck. The themes are presented in an appealing way, so a visit to this special museum will be exciting and a great trip for school classes, children and adults alike. In addition to the museum’s changing special exhibitions, there are also special activities for the children, such as the World Swine Day, Easter Pig, Halloween and much more.

Like all the major museums in Stuttgart, the SchweineMuseum has a permanent exhibition as well as changing special exhibitions. The permanent exhibition comprises more than 50,000 exhibits and is thematically housed in a total of 29 theme rooms. For the special exhibitions, well-known artists are repeatedly won (for example Horst Eckert alias Janosch) or interesting topics (such as Welt Schweinetag) are presented temporarily in the museum.

Spread across the theme rooms and the rooms for special exhibitions, pigs of all kinds are presented with their eventful history. From zoology to pigs in art and culture to legendary pigs from mythology and symbolism – in this unique museum, pigs in the most colorful and crazy colors, shapes and designs convey the versatility of this hearty animal. Whether made of gold, plush, wood, ceramics or cork, whether as a cup, painting, tie or letterbox, whether painted, sprayed, pasted, poured, pottered or hammered: there is nothing here that doesn’t exist!

From the lucky pig to the piggy bank to the cuddly pig, mass produced kitsch, everyday commodities, rare antiques and precious individual pieces, the versatile themed rooms provide an incentive and opportunity to grapple with the meaning and nonsense of various piggy things and the artistic implementation of our bristly friends.

A trip to the Pig Museum Stuttgart is always worthwhile for the whole family.

So if you don’t already have a penchant for pigs – you’ll certainly succumb hopelessly to the pig passion on your visit.

The Schweine Museum – the extraordinary event location!

The SchweineMuseum in Stuttgart is the extraordinary event location for all occasions. From company celebrations to anniversaries and weddings, the museum and the museum restaurant “Schlachthof” are the ideal setting for a great day. Especially for weddings, we have summarized all information in our brochure “Celebrate your wedding in the pig museum”. And our lucky pig “Lucky” is happy to be present at every wedding to wish all the best to newlyweds.

Our opening hours are different – we open on Mondays

When other museums in Stuttgart take a break, we are still open for you. Our exhibition is open daily from 11.00 to 19.30. For special occasions, such as a group tour or a school class, we are happy to open before 11.00 clock or after 19.30 clock. For this please contact our museum management in advance, so that times and contents can be individually tailored for you.

The museum: Mon – Sun: 10:00 – 18:30 (last admission 17:45)

The gastronomy: Mon – Sun from 11:00

The outdoor gastronomy: Mon – Sun: 11:00 – 22:00

The biggest SchweineMuseum in the world

Alter Schlachthof Stuttgart, Schlachthofstraße 2a, 70188 Stuttgart


Office SchweineMuseum

Schlachthofstraße 2a, 70188 Stuttgart
Telefon: 0711 66419 600
Fax: 0711 66419 550

Gastronomy Reservations

Tel: 0711 / 66419500

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