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ROADCRAFT is the exclusive division of the Autosalon Carworld Group which has been supplying exclusive new tax-free cars for over 40 years to NATO Military, Tourists and Diplomats of all nationalities across the world. Our reputation is based on the highest level of service and the lowest prices- guaranteeing customer satisfaction. We believe our claim to 40 years of 100% customer satisfaction to be unique in the automobile industry. All cars sold by Roadcraft include our unique 24/7 LIFETIME SUPPORT guaranteeing your satisfaction.

U.S. Spec Volvo

Military Program – tailored to your special needs

U.S. specification Volvo.
European spec: Volvo, BMW,  Mini, Mercedes, Peugeot, Citroen, Toyota, Lexus, Kia,
Audi, VW, Land Rover, Jaguar, Aston Martin, Bentley, Porsche.

12 reasons to purchase through our NATO Diplomatic Sales Program with over 37 years of experience because each day you perform a very special role, for us you are a very special customer. 

Enjoy the privileges of our NATO & Diplomatic Sales and benefit from these many advantages.

  1. Diplomatic pricing discounts
    In recognition of the very special job that you do, the Manufacturers offer you huge savings when purchasing a vehicle through our Official NATO & Diplomatic Sales Program. Contact Roadcraft now to find out how much you will save when you purchase your new car.
  2. Tax-free purchase
    Your new car purchase is tax-free whilst you are stationed overseas provided you complete all necessary applications provided by our qualified sales staff.
  3. First-class service from experienced staff
    Our authorized NATO & Diplomatic Sales agents are all native-English, German or Dutch speakers  who understand all the procedures of purchasing a car whilst you are overseas. They understand the characteristics of international life and all the various challenges that living away from home can bring for you and your family, and will do everything possible to make the purchase of your new car as easy as possible. We work with Europe’s largest dealer networks and can therefore support you with the full advantages of European dealership support, especially when it comes to maintenance, supply of parts & even back up with difficult warranty problems or conversions.
  4. Customs procedures made simple
    It’s no secret that purchasing a vehicle tax-free in Europe can be complicated. But thankfully our sales agents are fully versed in the paperwork and procedures required ensuring the purchase of your new car is an enjoyable and professional experience. We can liaise with your embassy transportation department and pretty much hold you by the hand and guide you through the process!
  5. Free home shipment
    When it’s time for you to return home at the end of your tour, we will ship your new U.S. Volvo home to the Volvo Dealer of your choice in the U.S – Included in the purchase price of your new Volvo. It is completely free from the designated drop off point to the home Dealer. You simply contact us when it is time to return home and we will advise you where your nearest drop off point is here in Europe, and arrange free shipment to one of our Volvo Dealerships.
  6. Convenient delivery options
    You can take delivery of your new car in a number of convenient locations both home and abroad. Order now and have your car shipped directly to your Embassy/Base, or select from one of our several sales & delivery centers around Europe (or worldwide). Volvo: You can enjoy the V.I.P. service at the factory in Sweden, including collection from the airport, a free factory tour, free lunch  and a  run of your new car on the Volvo test track.
  7. Worldwide limited warranty cover
    New U.S. Volvo come with a worldwide 48-month/50,000 mile warranty. U.K. and European models 24-36 month unlimited mileage warranty . Both warranties run concurrently from the delivery acceptance date. Any Worldwide Volvo dealer will be able to assist you with your service and maintenance needs.
  8. Free maintenance
    Should you take delivery of a new U.S. specification VOLVO then you will also be entitled to free maintenance for 3 years, this even includes oil changes! The start date runs from the delivery acceptance date when you first pick up your new car.
  9. Lowest Price Guarantee and Secure Payment Scheme
    We operate a Safe and Secure Payment Scheme.  ALL payments are made direct to the factory. You only pay your deposit ($,GBP or euros) AFTER the factory has confirmed your exact delivery date. You also pay your balance direct to the factory when your new car is ready for collection. All prices are fixed from the date of order and fixed in your own currency.
  10. Same day delivery
    It is now possible to take delivery of one of our new stock vehicles, pre-owned vehicles or ex-demo cars on the same day as you make the purchase! Our qualified sales agents can guide you through our unique customs procedure that makes this possible for you.
  11. Over 300 vehicles in stock
    You can choose from a range of over 300 new cars, pre-owned or ex-demo vehicles that are in stock for immediate delivery or order your new car direct from the factory, built to your personal specifications.
  12. Top trade prices
    You will get the very best trade-in price from Roadcraft for your existing vehicle when you purchase a new, pre-owned or ex-demo vehicle through us.

Military Diplomatic Taxfree Cars


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