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4. Homburg Beer Hike

On May 18, the 4th Homburg Beer Hike will take place, an event that the Saarland’s beer capital can no longer be imagined without. The route runs over 15.5 km through partly hilly terrain and is divided into six stages. In addition to the start and finish, there are 5 “beer stations” offering music and food. The entire route is signposted. In addition to the premium variety Karlsberg Urpils, each station has another beer variety of the house in its program at preferential prices (while stocks last). Of course, non-alcoholic beverages will also be on tap.

Participation is free of charge, registration is not required.
The starting point is the historic market square, the destination is the sports facility of SC Union Homburg (Zweibrücker Straße 121).
A shuttle service will be provided both in the morning and in the evening. A regular size bus will start at 9:20 a.m. from the Kaufland parking lot (in front of Real, Robert-Bosch-Strasse), which will be set up as a P+R parking lot, to the market square. There will be a stop at the main station (Bahnhofsvorplatz), where participants arriving by bus and train can be accommodated. The bus will repeat the journey every 20 minutes until 11:00 am. In the evening, the bus will depart from the SC Union Homburg sports facility from 8:15 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. again at the same frequency via the main train station to the Kaufland parking lot. Recommended meeting point at the starting point Hist. Marktplatz is 9.30 am to 10 am, recommended starting time is 10 to 11 am. However, everyone can of course determine their own individual walking time.

At the historical Market place there are naturally also already possibilities of strengthening for the hike: “original Homburger” draught and a special beer “light” from the barrel.

The first ascent takes place directly at the start. There it goes up to the castle mountain. Over the ruins of the fortress with a magnificent view of the city, a path leads to the first stopover, near the playground. There you can listen to brass band music from the “Hacke”. A well-stocked food truck takes care of the physical well-being. Specialty beer there is the “cellar” beer.

Via the old sports field, the Schlossberg peak and the “big star”, the route goes past the “fairy forest” to the Kirrberg sports field. The SV offers goulash soup, warm meat loaf, sausages with chips as well as noodle dishes. In addition to Urpils, the new Karlsberg Pilsener will be available on tap, and the Kirrberg parish band will play.

The third and probably most arduous stage leads to the Kirrberg ski and hiking hut. Therefore, a stopover will be set up halfway on the village square in Kirrberg with crepes, ice cream and coffee. At the ski and hiking hut, which is reached via the Kalkofer Weg, there will be spit-roast rolls, chicken with chips, Kümmelweck with pork rind, “Kässchmier” and a vegetarian soup. The special beer will be Trierer Löwenbräu. Pepe Pirmann and Sascha Giro as “13 PS Akustik Duo” will provide the musical framework.
From the ski and hiking hut Kirrberg the way leads over the “Weiße Triesch”, where you can enjoy a great view. The fourth stage ends after a steep descent in the Lambsbach valley at the Emilienruhe.

Music is provided by the “Steely Tones”. The special beer offered is “Licorne Black”, and the extensive menu includes “Idar-Obersteiner”, bratwurst and currywurst, ham-crusted roast, corrugated meat and pea soup. From here, the trail leads along a beautiful forest path up to the Webersberg. After the last ascent of the hike, hikers are again rewarded with a wonderful distant view. Blues and rock from “Memphis”, cool Urpils and Becker Pils on tap as well as a delicious slice of pizza from the food truck provide a feel-good atmosphere.

The destination of the last stage is the sports facility of SC Union Homburg. For dinner there will be grilled sausages and chicken cutlets. For the thirsty, among other things, a special beer is offered, which is brewed exclusively for the Braunacht, which takes place on April 29. Traditionally, at the end of the hike, the Frankfurt classic rock band N.S.A. plays until 10 pm.

There’s also something to win at the beer hike: Products from Karlsberg (draft beer, glasses, etc.), tickets from the Homburg Cultural Society and much more. Each participant will receive a stamp card at the start. Only the cards that contain all 6 stage stamps will be entered into the raffle. The cards will be collected at the finish and the draw will take place the following week. The winners will be published on the website The legal process is excluded.

Further information: tourist info Homburg, Talstrasse 57a
E-mail:; Tel. 06841 101-813 or 0178 8220465


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