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GSR Auto Transmission Repairs

GSR Getriebeservice GmbH

Manual & Automatic Transmission Repair Service

Experts in the diagnosis, service, maintenance and repair of transmissions, GSR has the know-how, years of experience, and lots of very satisfied customers. The GSR certified technicians have the tools, the training and the diagnostic equipment to make sure your car, truck or SUV is diagnosed right, fixed right, all at a price that’s right. If you think you may have a transmission problem, GSR has the fast quality service that’s right for your vehicle.

Exchange Units
Complete Overhaul
Manual & Automatic
Transmission Repair & Parts
Large Spare Parts Warehouse

GSR Getriebeservice GmbH

Lindberghstrasse 5,
69214 Eppelheim (Heidelberg)

For more information please contact us by Telephone, Fax or E-mail:

HOTLINE Tel.: 06221 76 61 67
Fax: 06221 76 61 64



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