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Fish & Reptile – Ulm Messe

Exotic ornamental fish, gracefully slithering snakes, fascinating lizards, invertebrates and insects . . .

. . . . from all over the world, tropical plants and cutting-edge,
species-appropriate accessories for the keeping of the scaly exotics:

The breathtaking range of products offered by the many manufacturers, dealers and breeders will once again delight thousands of visitors on the first weekend in December at the Ulm Exhibition Center – just as it did in Sindelfingen in the past.

On a total of 6000m², traders and distributors from all over Europe present a vast range of fish, snakes, lizards, freshwater and saltwater aquariums, and accessories for the care of these fascinating, mysterious creatures. Impressive stage shows, instructive workshops and the famous Aqua Terra Symposium round off the “Fisch & Reptil” and make it the most important trade fair of its kind in Germany.

Shopping experience

Look forward to a rich, fascinating selection of animals, aquariums, terrariums and other accessories for the optimal keeping of your scaly housemates.

Expert knowledge

In our informative symposia and workshops, top-class, renowned experts will speak about current freshwater, seawater and terrarium topics – and there is plenty of time for your questions. Participation in the symposia and workshops is included in the entrance fee.

Inspiring the offspring for the hobby

Full program for small future aquarists and Terrarians: The participating clubs on the Fisch & Reptile always come up with a lot of programme and action to inspire the youth.
In addition, a painting competition is waiting for the small fish and reptile fans!

Focus on Animal Welfare

Animal welfare and species-appropriate husbandry – on the fish & reptile, the focus is on competent advice on the optimal keeping of the pet. The exhibiting traders, clubs and breeders therefore again set a clear accent to raise awareness when buying animals and offer a highly qualified and competent expert consultation.

Lots of Activities . . .

Last but not least, the fish & reptile owes its good reputation to the diverse supporting programme, where all fish & reptile friends get their money’s worth.


The Aqua Terr Symposium offers plenty of interesting lectures by internationally renowned speakers in the fields of seawater, freshwater and terrarium.

Educational workshops invite you to join in and on the fish & reptile stage are great shows and activities at the start.

Stock exchange

As part of the Fisch & Reptile trade fair, an aquatics and terrarium exchange takes place, on which own progeny groups, whose trade is not prohibited according to animal, species and nature conservation legislation, may be offered.

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Ulm Messe, Böfinger Str. 50, 89073 Ulm

Open daily: 10:00 – 18:00 · Admission Adults – € 12. Children under 16 Free

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