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Burg Hornberg – Neckarzimmern

Hornberg Castle is the largest castle complex, the knight’s castle of superlatives, one of the oldest in Germany, the largest and best preserved castle ruins on the Neckar River. Its first mention dates back to the year 1184. The oldest known owner, Count Boppo von Lauffen, already owned vineyards here and even had column capitals of his mighty residential building decorated with wine motifs.

In addition, Hornberg Castle is known for its reference to Goetz von Berlichingen, the most famous and rowdiest imperial knight in the late Middle Ages. He acquired the castle in 1517 and lived there for 45 years, the longest period of his life. In his youth he performed military service for various princes, fighting for the Bavarian side in the Landshut War of Succession in 1504. Due to an unfortunate bullet wound by allied soldiers, he lost his right hand, which he had replaced by a forged (iron) hand prosthesis. According to the stories, its mechanism was so well constructed that he was still able to wield a sword with it and continue his rough life almost unrestrictedly. He also dictated his life story to the priest from Neckarzimmern in his old age – the model for Goethe’s famous drama. It is thanks to him that the fortified complex has remained a place steeped in history and at the same time a living place that has never lost its charm. 

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It is the time of knights without fear and blame, swashbucklers, ruffians and henchmen, flashing swords and bloody feuds, fortresses and sieges. Young and old fans of knights can discover Hornberg Castle and its original settings on their own. After ten years of renovation, the castle is in excellent condition and offers even more attractions.

Another remarkable feature of Hornberg Castle is that guests can visit the almost completely preserved masonry from the Middle Ages. Furthermore, the keep, tower palaces, shield wall, embrasures from different eras, seven gates, three residential buildings, stair tower, a completely preserved chapel and much more are waiting to be explored.

To this day, Burg Hornberg is known for its wines and still houses a historic winery. It is also home to a 4-star hotel and restaurant with a panoramic view over the Neckar River and the surrounding vineyards. 

Opening hours: Daily: 10:00 – 18:00

Entrance fees:
Adults: 7 €, with guided tour of the castle: 11 €
Children (6-17 years): 5 €, with guided tour: 9 €
Guided tours by appointment Minimum participation: 10 persons
Themed tours on request

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