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Old German Christmas Market in Bad Wimpfen

Visit one of the most traditional Christmas markets in Germany.

Friday 01.12.2023 bis Sunday 03.12.2023
Friday 08.12.2023 bis Sunday 10.12.2023
Friday 15.12.2023 bis Sunday 17.12.2023

The highlight of the year’s events in Bad Wimpfen is the medieval “Altdeutscher Weihnachtsmarkt” (Old German Christmas Market) organised by the local trade association. This Christmas Market is a long standing tradition with a unique romantic atmosphere. It is known nationally and internationally and is considered to be one of the finest of its kind.

Originally known as (Saint) Catherine’s Market, this tradition dates back to 1487, when Emperor Friedrich III granted Bad Wimpfen the privilege of being allowed to hold a market before Christmas.

The old town of Bad Wimpfen is decorated with numerous lit up Christmas trees, giving a unique atmosphere to the cobbled streets, alleys and half-timbered houses, located in and around the medieval part of Wimpfen called the “Kaiserpfalz” founded in the 12th century by the Emperor Barbarossa. Over 120 stalls display high quality arts and crafts – a delight for visitors in search of original Christmas presents and souvenirs.

Don’t forget to have a break and enjoy a “Glühwine” to warm up and chat with other visitors and practice your German.

The „ Blaue Turm “ (Blue Tower), the „ Rote Turm “ (Red Tower), the impressive medieval town skyline and many of the half-timbered houses are illuminated with hundreds of lights, adding to the romantic seasonal feeling. The unique Wimpfen atmosphere is contagious, bringing back childhood memories and sparkling eyes.

Although bustling with activity, the alleys of Wimpfen still retain their cosy feel.

In contrast to many other towns and cities, where Christmas markets have developed into types of annual markets, Wimpfen specializes in arts and crafts, in keeping with the idea of Christmas gift shopping.

Another thing which sets Wimpfen apart from other Christmas Markets is that it is a festival for children.

The „ Christkind “ (Christchild) and St. Nikolaus (Santa Claus), accompanied by medieval foot soldiers, hand out little presents to the children. Two traditional carousels near the „Blaue Turm“ and the „ Loewenbrunnen “ (Lions Fountain) await the youngest visitors.

On all Saturdays and Sundays there are puppet shows in the „ Zehentscheuer“ (Tithe Barn), which used to be for the storage of the 10 percent of the harvest which the medieval villagers of Wimpfen had to hand over to the church.

Other activities and events make the Wimpfener Christmas Market a real seasonal adventure for children.

What would a Christmas Market be without delicious delicacies, sweets and many other specialities?

The smell of the aromatic „ Glühwein “ (mulled wine), roasted almonds, waffles, hot chestnuts, candied apples, Feuerzangenbowle (another hot alcoholic warmer, based on red wine, rum and spices mmhh..), scented candles and the lovely smell of the green of the Christmas trees. These are only some of the pleasures which await visitors.

A large selection of cultural and musical events take place during market time.

Exhibitions throughout the market period complete the picture.

Services in the local churches and the „ Ritterstiftskirche St. Peter in the Valley “ also help to make the „Altdeutscher Weihnachtsmarkt“ an unique, impressive appealing and romantic pre Christmas experience. Take pleasure in seeing and feeling this market in its most beautiful form.

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