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Auto Pieper Volvo Military, Diplomat and Expatriate Sales

Volvo Military Sales

It’s not always easy to buy a new car. Especially in a foreign country where the local language and customs may be different from back home and perhaps confusing. And it’s not just buying a new car; you also have to know how to register it, how to organize insurance, and what to do with the car when you leave.

Auto Pieper opened its German Volvo dealership in Nürnberg in 1969. In 1970, Auto Pieper delivered its first Volvo under the US Military Sales Program. In the past 50 years, Auto Pieper Volvo Military Sales has provided excellent service and savings against MSRP to thousands of service members and civilians not only in Germany, but also in other overseas locations.

Auto Pieper Volvo Military Sales has offices located in Grafenwoehr, and Stuttgart; where sales professionals provide services to the Grafenwoehr, Vilseck, Stuttgart, Hohenfels, Ansbach, Illesheim, and Garmisch communities.

Auto Pieper Volvo Military Sales remains committed to excellent customer service by understanding the needs of its customers, and assisting them throughout the purchasing process.

The Auto Pieper team know that they have to earn your business.


Whether you choose to take delivery close to home in mainland Europe or to pick up your new vehicle as a VIP guest at Volvo’s Factory Delivery Center in Goteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden, one of the advantages of being stationed in Europe is being able to purchase a luxurious Volvo at a special military price.

Deployed or TDY? You still qualify for the military sales program if you are deployed or on TDY; you can order a new Volvo and have it waiting for you on your return.

Stateside delivery of your new Volvo to a Volvo dealer of your choice is a free option when you purchase a new Volvo.

Locations catering to the Stuttgart, Grafenwoehr, Garmisch, Hohenfels and surrounding areas.


Hauptstrasse 189b – (just outside Patch Barracks),
70563 Stuttgart, Vaihingen

Sales Manager: Mr. Jason Lappin

Serving the Stuttgart & Garmisch Communities


Tel.: 0711 – 620 48 85
Cell phone: 0162 19 60 234


Grafenwöhr Sales Office
Neue Amberger Strasse 59
92655 Grafenwöhr
(5 min walk from McDonald’s towards downtown)

Sales Consultant: Ms. Judith Brown


Tel.: 09641 – 936 64 58
Cell phone: 0171 364 29 28

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