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American Motors – Tax Free Military Car Sales

Ansbach – Vilseck – Grafenwöhr – Wiesbaden

SamWith over a decade serving US Military personnel in Germany, we have the experience to make the difference!

We offer one of the largest selection of quality Pre-owned vehicles for sale to US Military personnel in Germany.

Here at American Motors, we pride ourselves in offering our customers fantastic value on a range of services, whether you are:

  • Looking for the new car of your dreams
  • Need to sell your existing car for cash
  • Looking for a finance source that works with you
Whether you’re stationed in Ansbach, Vilseck, Grafenwoehr, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden and beyond – we stand ready to serve !

Team American Motors


We have three show locations run by experienced sales staff, who understand the military sales system here in Germany and the customs clearance processes. We will help you to take delivery and explain how to register your vehicle on the military system, advising you every step of the way.


Tel.: 09802-953-531 or
Tel.: 09802-953-122

Mobile: 0176-931-36972
Fax: 0981-9093-9500 (DE)


Go to this location


Tel.: 09641-936-7806 or
Tel.: 09641-936-7805

Mobile: 0152-2265-2124
Fax: 0981-9093-9500 (DE)


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Wiesbaden/Mainz Kastel

Tel.: 06134-291-7770 or
Tel.: 06134-291-7770

Mobile: 0174-933-1679
Fax: 914-462-3917 (US)


Go to this location


Tel.: 09662-702-4536
Mobile: 0173-549-1386

Fax: 0981-9093-9500 (DE) or
Fax: 914-462-3917 (US)


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