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Trophy Center Engraving & Military Awards UG

Weilerbacher Strasse 110 | 67661 Kaiserslautern-Einsiedlerhof | Hacienda Plaza

Internet: WWW.TROPHY-CENTER.DE | E-Mail:

Phone: 0631 680 31 680 | 2 Miles from Ramstein Air Base, Germany

It´s summer time and we will take a break from:

Sat 3 Aug – Sat 10 Aug 2019

*Important: starting Saturday, 27th July 2019, we have NO ENGRAVING SERVICE
since the production is closed for a 2 week vacation

The store will be open to take your orders during that time!
If you need anything before or during this time-frame,
make sure to contact us asap to guarantee production & delivery in time!

Incoming orders during the above mentioned timeframes are processed in
chronological order of receipt or urgency after the holidays

We greatly appreciated your kind understanding and wish you sunny days !

Trophy Center Engraving & Military Awards

Welcome to the largest Engraving Factory in Germany

When it comes to engraving and customer service, the Trophy Center is the best in the business. With experience since the early 1950s and over 3 Generations, we’re able to engrave materials like wood, plastic, leather, and metal, glass, crystal, steel and more…

If you are wondering what we can do? It’s probably a lot more than you’d think…

We produce customized Coins, Patches, Printed Glasses & Mugs, Stamps, Guidons, Medals, and much more

Express Service – no extra charge / no charge per letter!




  • THIS is why we are an unchallenged market leader in this business!
  • . . . And because of our sensationally friendly service…
  • . . . and our quick production times….
  • . . . and our awesome quality
  • . . . and our amazing “can-do-attitude”…and
  • …and and and and……

So far so good

Should you nevertheless have any questions, don´t hesitate to call or email us!

We, the Owners, Sandra & Jochen Kulbick and our amazing sales team are always here for you and will help you out with easy or tricky questions or requests:

“It is not sufficient for us if our customers are “satisfied” with our service:
they should be delighted!”

If you have not experienced our professional and first rate service and are intrigued to find out just how different we are, then this is your opportunity to do just that:

Contact us !

Trophy Center Engraving & Military Awards UG

67661 Kaiserslautern-Einsiedlerhof | Weilerbacher Strasse 110 | (below Hacienda Mexican Restaurant)

Phone: 0631 680 31 680

Internet: WWW.TROPHY-CENTER.DE | E-Mail:

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