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American automotive glass expert

Jacob Auto Glass is the expert in Europe for all U.S. Auto glass repair, replacement and installation.
Whether vintage or new we repair and replace windshields, side and rear windows for all U.S. cars, trucks and buses.
Jacob stands for quality, efficiency, service and safety.
Whether you need reglazing, a new windshield, stone chip repair, headlight calaibration, accident report and more . . .

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you with your glass damage.

Frequently asked questions

What does a repair cost?

Stone chip repair: 0€ or 0$ *

Customer repairs are generally free depending on your insurance policy. All repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently and can be done on the spot or at a workshop close by.

Click here for more information: Jacob Autoglass costs


If you need to get your glass replaced, you just have to pay your deductible which is definded under your policy. All repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently and can be done on the spot or at a workshop close by

Where do we work?


If you are in at work or maybe at home, a repair can be done on the spot! Requirements are: space, living off-post and electricity available.

Click here for more information: We work here

Workshop close by

In order to provide you the best results during replacements or stone chips repairs, we will also meet you at workshops close by. Jacob Autoglass workshops are within a short distance drive for you, to save you time and miles.


If you work or live on-post, we can also help you out with an appointment at the local MWR workshop on base. Minimal distance for you and maximal quality outcome for your car.

When can I get an appointment?


Depending on your car, EU-Spec vehicle can be done within 7 days. US-Spec cars can be done within 14 days. In which time the glass will arrive for you and will be installed. The replacement itself will take approximately 90min. The car is then safe to drive.

Find out more under: Jacob Autoglass contact

Stone chip repairs

A stone chip repair of your windshield which is not in the drivers line of view can be repaired within 30 min. An appointment can be given within the next 7 days. We will drive to you and repair the glass on the spot or at a local workshop.

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