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Auto Service Schliebusch - Kaiserslautern

Auto Service Schliebusch – Kaiserslautern

Merkurstrasse 48, Only 5 min. from ROB and Vogelweh

Full service for your car

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For a long engine life and reduced fuel consumption, we recommend a regular annual oil change.

Tune up

Tune up is a matter of trust: We check for manufacturer’s and only install spare parts in OEM quality. Full Manufacturer Warranty at an affordable price!

Brake Service

Braking and braking performance guarantee for your safety and that of others. The brakes in your car wear out with each braking operation. therefore: A regular brake testing increases the safety in traffic. Leave them to their safety check their brakes regularly.


The air conditioning in the car is not maintenance-free. You lose in one year up to 15% refrigerant, the loss must be balanced to ensure the full functioning of the system.


Read diagnostic trouble memory/ MIL Light. View of the “inside”: Using the electronic diagnostic systems, we can identify the cause of abnormalities in the handling of your vehicle quickly and accurately. Above all, we find the error memory read and defects that can not be noticed by you as a user of the vehicle.

Muffler Service/Exhaust service

The exhaust of your car reduces noise and environmental pollution and protects you against toxic fumes. Faulty installation, but you and others at risk. Let’s check the exhaust regularly!

Windshield & Glass repair & replacement

The most common cause of auto glass damage is stonechip: A tiny pebble (eg loose chippings) is thrown from the vehicle ahead and hits the windshield. Due to the high impact velocity creates a small crater or fracture in the disc, which is often difficult to recognize.


From a small hole in the underbody that must be welded, or scratches that needs to be painted , to a complete accident repair, you`ll get in our full service. After an accident, we also take care for a rental-car you need, or a needed appraiser.

Tire Service & Alignment

For a Tyre price please contact us.
We take care of TMPS problems. We mount and balance delivered Tyres. We do wheel alignment for european and US-Specs Cars.


Your advantages

To avoid costly transmission repairs we recommend a periodic change of the transmission fluid.
Even and especially in automatic transmissions with Lifetime oil !!! Lifetime is the calculated from merchant life of a vehicle. This is around 160,000 KM .

The manufacturer of automatic transmissions, however, recommend oil changes at about 100 000. KM because oil naturally subject to wear and aging.

For a complete replacement of the gear oil operationally caused contamination to be removed . The new transmission oil developed in a clean lubricating circuit long lasting its full capacity .

Have a look at:

Timely maintenance for :

  • Clean and optimum switching operations , improved driving comfort
  • Protection against premature wear
  • Value and function
  • A cheap alternative to costly repairs.
Car Rental

You need a car for the time your car is in our repairshop? No problem!

Towing Service

Your car break down or is not drivabel? No problem! Make an appointment for towing.

Free Junking

Your car is too old or uneconomical to repair? We take care of their old vehicle they speak to us. We take care for it!

Opening hours

Monday-Thursday: 07.45-17.30, Friday: 07.45-17.00, Saturday: 08.00-12.00


Autoservice Schliebusch, Merkurstrasse 48, 67663 Kaiserslautern
Only 5 min. from ROB and Vogelweh
Owner: Peter Schliebusch

Tel.: 0631- 892 92 766 · Fax: 0631- 892 92 768



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We are located at the end of the dead end road opposite the German TÜV

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