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The AFN Atlantic prime entertainment channel in Europe features latest sports fixtures and a mix of the top rated shows from all the major U.S. networks.

Sunday September 27

00:30 College Football Scoreboard

01:00 NHL Tonight: Stanley Cup Final Pre-Game

02:00 NHL: 2020 Stanley Cup Finals, Game 5: Dallas Stars @ Tampa Bay Lightning

05:00 NHL Tonight: Stanley Cup Final Post Game

06:00 The Journal Editorial Report (FNC)

07:00 Washington Week (PBS)

07:30 Hiring America

08:00 The Entertainers

09:00 In Touch

09:30 Creflo Dollar

10:00 Time of Grace

10:30 Kerry Shook Ministries

11:00 Worship Anew

11:30 Aleph Beta

12:00 Motorweek

12:30 Cars.TV

13:00 Forged In Fire
Darb Sri Gun Chai Battle Sword – In a twist of fate, four smiths must forge a twist and stack Damascus blade; the two finalists must return home and recreate the Darb Sri Gun Chai, an enormous, double-handed Thai battle sword.

14:00 The Entertainers

15:00 Mountain Men
Bloody Knuckles – Jake’s latest mountain lion chase leads him to an angry bear; Tom and Jack take on a commission to build an ancient atlatl; Jason builds a steel trap to keep the area’s wild hogs in check; Kidd transforms a large wooden boat into a summer cabin.

16:00 Ghost Hunters
The Plot Thickens – The TAPS team travel to Woonsocket, R.I., to investigate a theater owner’s claim that spirits are traveling between two buildings.

17:00 The UnXplained
Amazing Animal Abilities – A dog that can detect cancer faster than doctors can do it by using sophisticated equipment; a horse that can read minds; birds that can sense disaster days before it happens.

18:00 NFL Today

19:00 NFL: Washington Football Team @ Cleveland Browns

22:25 NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Denver Broncos

Monday September 28

01:25 WWE PPV: Clash of Champions

05:00 This Week with George Stephanopoulos

06:00 Meet the Press (NBC)

07:00 Face the Nation (CBS)

08:00 The View

09:00 GMA3: What You Need To Know

10:00 Rachael Ray

11:00 The Dr. Phil show

12:00 Dr. Oz

13:00 The Young and the Restless

14:00 General Hospital

15:00 Days of Our Lives

16:00 The Bold & The Beautiful

16:30 New Girl
House Hunt – Jess tries anything and everything to get her mind off of Nick, who returns from his summer in New Orleans sooner than anticipated. Meanwhile, Schmidt and Cece struggle in the search for their first home and Winston deals with having a long-distance relationship with Aly.

17:00 Wheel of Fortune

17:30 Jeopardy!

18:00 The Big Bang Theory
The Recollection Dissipation – Sheldon pushes himself to the limit when he collaborates on projects with Leonard and Wolowitz as well as Amy on the same day. Also, Bernadette is nearing the end of her maternity leave and must return to work.

18:30 Family Feud

19:00 God Friended Me
Almost Famous – Ali is hopeful when she’s told that she’s a candidate for a new drug trial to help with her cancer treatment. But when the God Account suggests that Miles helps Kylie, the daughter of the hospital administrator in charge of the drug trial, Tammy, he’s reluctant to get involved for fear of hurting Ali’s chances of being accepted.

20:00 Big Brother

21:00 NCIS: New Orleans
Boom-Boom-Boom-Boom – Following a natural gas explosion at a movie theater, the NCIS team discovers the gas company has been hacked and more explosions could be triggered.

22:00 The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

22:40 The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

23:35 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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